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Grand Haven, MI

Joining This Website

Most of this website is viewable by the public, but, for privacy reasons, to join this website and have full access you must first be a member of EAA Chapter 211.  Please come to our next meeting or event as our guest and ask anyone there about membership.  You can also contact the Webmaster by email at 

Procedure to join this website: Click on Register under Members Area at the top of the sidebar to the right, and follow the directions to start the signup process.  You will be prompted to enter your email address as your ID, and you will need to create a password.  You will also be asked to put in your birth date.  Your birth date will not be displayed anywhere, but website will use it to calculate your age to display on your profile.  If you do not want your age to be displayed, check the box that says, "Don't display my age." 

Please be sure to put your real name in the Display Name field to help me more easily confirm your identity.

Once you click the Create My Account button at the bottom you will have to wait for authorization to complete the rest of your profile.  Please be patient; it may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days to approve your request, but this is the price of privacy/security.

Once you've been approved you will be able to upload a photo for your profile page.  A centered, close-up picture will work best as it will display quite small, and, no matter what size or shape it is, it will get cropped to a small square.  (To see what I mean, click on Member Profiles to see the profiles of the members who have joined so far.)  If you need your photo taken contact Dale Hagen.   Note: Uploaded pictures may not display properly at first, but don't worry, they usually will be okay in a few hours. 

When completing the rest of your profile, please be as informative as possible.  Remember, because we value your privacy, your information will be available only to other Chapter 211 members.  We would like to use this website to get to know more about each other... more than is likely to be learned through interaction during the limited time available at meetings.  Please tell us about your background, education, career, experiences, planes you've built and/or owned, etc.

Click here if you want to go to the Quick Start Guide.


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