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This Quick Start Guide explains the layout of the site and how to get started using it .  This, along with the FAQ page, should answer most of the questions you may have about using this site, but should you have any other questions feel free to contact the Webmaster.

If you are an EAA Chapter 211 member, but you haven't joined the website yet, then start by clicking here.  Joining the website will allow you to access the areas that are for members only.

                  Let's begin with defining a couple of areas              aaaaaaa      that will be referred to from time to time;                     aaaaaaaaa      the Navigation Bar and the Sidebar.

Navigation Bar: The gray shaded area, above, that contains the navigation menu, is called the Navigation Bar.  You will notice that some of the menu items in the Navigation Bar have "sub menus" that "drop down" when you "mouse over" them.  Place your cursor over Resources in the Navigation Bar to see an example of a sub menu dropping down.

Sidebar: The gray shaded area along the right side is called the "Sidebar."  This is where you click to Sign In or Join.  It also contains a lot of other information such as a summery of upcoming events and other updates to the site.  This Sidebar appears on nearly every page of the website, but sometimes the information in the Sidebar will change relative to the web page you are viewing.

Okay, now let's go through the menu and sub menus.

Home: The Home page is where you enter, welcoming you to the site

-- News: Under Home, this is where you will find news and information on a variety of things.  The most recent post will appear first.  To read older posts click the View Older Posts link at the bottom of the post,  You can search for a particular post with the search window above the post, or you can look at posts by category.  All the different categories are listed in the Sidebar when you are on the News page.   If you have something news worthy or an announcement to disseminate, click here to contact the Webmaster.

-- Forums: Under Home, Forums are a place for you to communicate with fellow EAA Members.

-- -- Chapter 211 Forums: Under Forums, is the place to go to communicate with fellow Chapter 211 members.  There are categories for General discussions, For Sale and Want ads, as well as website issues, ideas and suggestions. 

Please follow these simple rules:

Keep it aviation related.

Keep it friendly.

Great aviation jokes, quotes and stories should be shared. Off color jokes, mean spirited comments, political or religious rants have no business here and will be deleted. 

-- -- EAA Forums: Under Forums, provide you a link to communicate with fellow EAA members around the country and, indeed, the word.

-- Joining This Website: Under Home, this page contains step-by-step instructions for joining.



-- Young Eagles: Under Projects, here you will find information about our Young Eagles Program.

-- Eagle Flights:  This is the adult (18 and over) version of Young Eagles, introduces by EAA in late 2011.

-- American Eaglet Restoration:  This is where you can find information on the current Chapter 211 building project.

Calendar: The Calendar is where you can see what is going on in our chapter as well as other events around the country.

-- Chapter 211 Calendar: Under Calendar, this is where to see the events of Chapter 211.  When you click it you will see a graphical calendar page for the current month.  You can click through other months using the <<Previous Month  or  Next Month>>  at the top left and top right of the graphical calendar, or you may find it easiest to just click on All Events.

-- EAA Event Calendar: Under Calendar, this will link you to EAA's Calendar.  You will be prompted to enter your ZIP code which will show you literally dozens of aviation events around the country.

-- AirVenture Schedule: Under Calendar, this is a link to the AirVenture Master Schedule.

Resources: This is where you will find links to interesting and valuable information, as well as handy and fun tools.

-- Links: Under Resources, here you will find a plethora of links to websites of aviation interest.  Links are divided into categories to aid you in your surfing.  If you come across one or more interesting websites that you think fellow members would enjoy, please contact the Webmaster with a quick email and he will make sure they get posted in the right category or categories for others to find and enjoy.

-- Chapter Locator: Under Resources, this is a fun tool for looking up all the other chapters in the country, just in case you want to visit another chapter somewhere sometime.

-- Distance Calculator: Under Resources, this is another fun tool for quickly finding the distance between airports.

-- Weather Radar: Under Resources, this is a link to open the National Weather Service Enhanced Weather Radar for Grand Rapids/Muskegon.

-- Aviation Weather Center: Under Resources, this is a link to open the National Weather Service Aviation Weather Center. 

-- EAA Radio: Under Resources, this is a link to live EAA Radio broadcasts from AirVenture, and archived broadcasts the other 51 weeks of the year.  

Galleries: Contains collections of photos, videos and poems. 

-- Photo Albums: Under Galleries, this is where you will find collections of photos albums.  Every member can upload pictures and create their own albums to share with fellow members.  You can also access these albums from the profiles of the individuals who uploaded them.

-- Videos: Under Galleries, this is where you will find videos for your enjoyment.  By clicking on the category headings at the top of the videos page you can more easily find the videos you are looking for.  Every member can upload videos to share with fellow members.  You can also access videos from the profiles of the individuals who uploaded them.

-- Aviation Poems and Quotes: Under Galleries, this is where you will find a collection of aviation related poems.  If you have a favorite poem or poems you would like to add, please send them to the Webmaster and he will add them. 

Members: This is where you can find other Chapter 211 members.  You must be a member of this website, and log-in, to view anything under Members. Click here for instructions on how to join this website.

-- Member Profiles: Under Members, this is where you can see the profiles of Chapter 211 members who have joined the website.

-- Membership Roster: This is the official roster of Chapter 211 Members including those who have not joined this website.  Though we will try to keep it updated, it may not include members who have joined EAA Chapter 211 after the roster was published. 

-- Officers and Board: Under Members, here you can find email addresses of Officers, Board, Newsletter Editor, and Webmaster.

-- Members Remembered: This is a special place for memorials to past members who have permanently slipped the surly bonds of earth.

History: This place is a repository of historical things regarding EAA Chapter 211.

-- Newsletter Archives: Under History, this is where you will be able to look up past issues of Chapter 211's Newsletter, "Hangar Talk."

-- Chapter History: Under History, this page is still being worked on at this time, we hope to have a nice history of our chapter, particularly the early years.

-- Chapter By-Laws: Under History, this page contains an archived copy of our latest Chapter By-Laws.

Help: This is where to look first for help using the website.

-- Quick Start Guide: Under Help, this is where you are now, reading this!

-- FAQ: Under Help, this is where you can find answers to Frequent Asked Questions.



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